Penis shaped cereal

I love a good deal when I can find one, and delight in seeing whether paying more for the “better” product is really worth it. (If it is, I never hesitate, but in many cases storebrand is just fine!) I’ve found that there’s no point in paying more when it comes to cereal. Well, sure, there are types of cereal that you cannot buy “generic” such as Kashi, Life, Kix, etc, but in general I just buy whatever’s on sale in the big plastic bags. I also love the renames that they do. In this case, Marshmallow Mateys replaces Lucky Charms. Instead of lucky charm shaped marshmallow, it’s supposed to have nautically themed marshmallows, but the molding press that they use must be cheaper, because the shapes are off.


The… what must be anchors… don’t look so much like anchors as they do like penises. In fact, the color is even similar to penis color (I suppose it would be worse if it was pink). Oh well, just an observation.

2 thoughts on “Penis shaped cereal”

  1. I don’t know what kind of experience you have seeing penises, but if I had one that looked like that I’d think something was seriously wrong with it!

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