Make Yourself a Manhattan


You like bourbon, right? RIGHT? Well then, make something fancy looking with bourbon as a base!’s Pegu blog calls the Manhattan a “broad’s drink” not because it’s particularly girly (serve it in an old fashioned glass if you’re concerned), but because it’s not a bitch drink.

“The Manhattan is perhaps the quintessential broad drink, to go back to one of my hobby horses. A woman who drinks Manhattans, especially a younger woman, is someone to be reckoned with. Should you see a cocktail glass of clear amber before a lady, it is a good indication that her sense of self is centered on her humanity, not her femininity. She will likely be as comfortable socializing with men and women. This is a huge (and modern) stereotype, but it seems to work in this era. A woman who drinks so bold a drink as a Manhattan is not a chick. Like the Manhattan itself, she is true to herself, not the whims of her surroundings. In fact, this last applies to both men and women in this era: There are precious few (but magnificent) watering holes on Earth where ordering a Manhattan will make man or woman part of the herd.”


Manhattan Cocktail

2-4 parts rye whiskey – or bourbon
1 part italian (aka sweet) vermouth
2 dashes aromatic bitters


Stir gently but extensively(or shake) with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

“Too old and too bold to ever be truly trendy again, yet as perfect an alcoholic construction as has been made, the Manhattan is like a rock upon the shore, weathering the forces of time, taste, and fashion, remaining an unchanged refuge for us all.”


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