Pretty Pretty Flowers

Last autumn was the first time I’ve planted fall bulbs.  In fact, it’s the only thing I got done in the yard after my appendix bit the dust in October. After the dreary(but not particularly cold) winter, I was thrilled to have some early spring bloomers coming up!  The tulip mixture was supposed to be white(not yellow) and purple (not magenta), thus fitting into the purple/blue/white color scheme that I have very carefully adhered to in the front yard.  I’m willing to give them a pass though, considering they’re the ONLY thing besides daffodils blooming in the front this time of year.

Tulips in a whiskey bottle

The daffodils are very nice.  And have an interesting quality that I’m sure I’ve seen before on other daffodils, but wasn’t important until it existed on MINE.  That is, instead of one medium/large flower per stem, there are 3-4 small flowers.  It makes getting a lot of blooms into a container with a small opening such as empty liquor bottles much easier.

white daffodils
Another thing about daffodils, which I hadn’t thought of or at least connected the dots on, is I think I figured out why their linnaean name is Narcissus.  Remember the Greek Myth of Narcissus, the hunter, who was a hotty, but a total jerk?  He was such a jerk that a god drew him to a pool and he fell in love with his reflection staring back at him, and was unable to leave.  Daffodils tend to look down.  Coincidence?  I think not!

white daffodils
We finally replaced the red credenza with a white one, you can see it in the background.  AND… the finish is more of an eggshell or satin sheen, so dust is much less visible.  WIN.

Tulips and daffodils in liquor bottles on marble coffee table

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