Clean eating – week of 5/28

This is how I usually do things.  Both Safeway and QFC sales start on Wednesdays, so I USUALLY do my shopping on Tuesdays when I make meal plans based on the sales that are about to end.  Then I can get all the stuff that’s on sale, and if something amazing comes on sale the next day, everything is still pretty fresh and it’s easy enough to shuffle things around to make use of the new sale.  I was hoping that chickens would go on sale at QFC this week.  They have “locally” grown hormone and antibiotic free chickens that the regularly put on sale for $.89/lb.  I usually buy 5-7 of them in a week to feed to the dogs, and will usually roast a chicken and/or make stock those weeks.  It’s been a few weeks, and my stash of dog chicken is gone, which has me buying Fred Meyer brand leg quarters for $1.09/lb until the sale comes back.

Here’s my haul.  Expenses came in at about $83 this week (same as last week’s costco run, but I bought meat this time)  I also bought a $14 box of Franzia, because we’re classy like that.

clean eating grocery haul

Here’s the haul:
3 organic zucchinis
2 heads cauliflower
4 avocados
1 bunch organic beets
1 bunch organic parsley
1 bone-in pork shoulder
~ 2 cups bulk chickpeas
~ 2 cups bulk long grain brown rice
2 clamshells organic grape tomatoes
32 oz saffola oil (for making mayo)
4 bell peppers (2 orange, 1 red, 1 yellow
1 large bunch bananas
4 roma tomatoes
4 cobs yellow corn
1 organic cucumber
4 granny smith apples
1 mango

I will also be using leftovers from last week’s shopping trip(eggs, tofu, etc), plus some other staples that I have in the pantry, like quinoa.

clean eating meal plan

In case you can’t tell, I’m a compulsive list maker.  It helps me stay sane and also allows me to obsess about getting things done when I’m not able to do them, and zone out/watch TV when I am doing them.  When I’m making numerous different dishes and multiple things need to be prepped for each, lists help.  I do this all the time when I ‘m going to be entertaining so I can be sure not to forget any components, and when I’m planning a week’s worth of meals, I prefer to do the same.

to-do list
As soon as I got home, I got started on that night’s dinner, which ended up being the quinoa “tabouleh.”  It was going to be tuna melts, but it turns out that I THOUGHT I had a couple cans of tuna in the pantry, and I do not.  After dinner was made, I got to my priorities.
quinoa "tabouleh" salad
  On my list, they’re marked with dots.  Those are the things that take a while and will need to be done before I can conceivably make any of the other stuff for dinner.  So I peeled and cubed the sweet potatoes and beets first, and got them roasting in the 400 degree oven for about an hour.  While they were roasting, I got the chickpeas going in the crock pot(this was an experiment, and I liked the results), started simmering the carnitas, and got most of the stuff chopped that needed to be chopped.  I also cut up the cauliflower for roasting and decided that I wouldn’t have enough pan space to roast carrots, and didn’t really need them with the sweet potatoes, so crossed them off the list.
roasting sweet potatoes and beets

While the cauliflower was roasting, I shredded my parmesan and packaged it up for when I assemble my veggie cakes, then shredded the zucchini and carrots.  I saved out a couple cups of quinoa (left over from the “tabouleh”) and roasted them in a nonstick skillet so that it will absorb some extra liquid and hopefully function in place of bread crumbs or flour when I try making these veggie fritters.  We shall see!

At that point, I was wanting to get to bed.  I started packaging up everything that I had completed.  I pulled out 2 cups of cooked chickpeas, and froze the rest on a cookie sheet for later use.  I didn’t fry up the pork, but had finished simmering it, so all I need to do now is throw it in a nonstick skillet and crisp it up before we eat it.

roasting cauliflower

 I got home, changed, and unpacked my groceries by 5pm. Including making dinner that night, cooked (and ate as I cooked) til 9pm. In that time, I accomplished:
Cook quinoa for tabouleh and veggie quinoa cakes
Chop bell peppers (1/2 for tabouleh, 1/4 for fit salad, 1/4 for rice bowls)
Peel & chop cucumber for tabouleh
Cut and fry tofu for tabouleh
Cut up tomatoes for tabouleh
Cut up olives and parsley for tabouleh
Cook chickpeas for fit salad and freeze most for leftovers
Cook brown rice for carnitas rice bowls
Simmer chopped pork for carnitas
Boil and peel a dozen eggs for snacks
Roast beets for fit salad
Roast sweet potatoes for fit salad and freeze half for leftovers
Roast cauliflower for fit salad and for snacks

Shred Parmesan for fritters
Shred zucchini for fritters
Shred carrots for fritters
Cut up carrots for carrot stick snacks
Pull chevre and hemp bread from freezer to defrost
Wash cherry tomatoes for snacks
Pack everything up to go in the fridge
Now all I need to do is a little bit of assembling/heating/cutting things up to get dinner on the table through the rest of the week.
All that’s left is foraging in the garden for lettuce and kale, and chopping up and frying tofu for the fit salad, chopping up roma tomatoes, avocados, and cutting corn off the cob for the carnitas bowls.  Assembling and frying up the veggie fritters is pretty easy.

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