Gummy Bears and Vodka? Lol no.

I have been seeing this pin floating around for vodka gummy bears, where you soak some gummy bears in vodka for several days, they absorb the booze, and are like magical little gummy bear jello shots.  Well, gummy bears were on sale at our grocery store over the weekend, so I picked up a bag and decided to try my luck.  Whoever is doing this must be using a different type of gummy bears, because the Black Forest brand ones I used turned into the most horrific sticky slippery gelatinous pile of mush.  Now you can bet that I sampled it.  They were terrible.  They taste exactly as you might expect gooey gummy bears and vodka to taste, that is… NOT pleasant.  Really, don’t waste your time on this unless you’re mildly obsessed.  I remember soaking those coke bottle gummy candies in water and having them get huge when I was kid.  Maybe those mixed with Jack Daniels or Rum & Lime juice would work and not turn into something you’re now storing in your pantry because the thought of throwing out 2 cups of good gummy bears mixed with vodka makes you cringe, but so does the idea of eating it.

vodka and gummy bears?

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