Because it’s Friday the 13th, or because I’m a klutz?

Or – why you should probably at least put your contacts in before messing with fragile or spicy stuff.  A couple days I bought a few new spice jars – larger ones than my standard, for the spices that I’ve been using more of lately.  I washed them yesterday evening and let them air dry overnight.  This morning, after my shower, I came out into the kitchen to give Craig a hard time about something, and figured I’d get the spices transferred and my jars put into the cabinet in case Helo decided to go counter surfing while we’re out today.

that's chipotle powder all over my silverware

The chipotle powder that I ordered came in a canister with the type of lid that twists to allow either pouring or sprinkling, but neither let the spice out very fast, and I am impatient.  So I grabbed a butter knife to pry off the top and dump it into my jar.  Unfortunately, the canister wasn’t as secure as I was imagining it would be, and I also left my silverware drawer open when I grabbed the knife.  So now I had a drawer full of chipotle powder. Remembering that I had been meaning to clean out the silverware caddy, I wasn’t too irritated, except that I was in my kitchen, in a bathrobe on and a towel in my hair before 6am sneezing while I cleaned all of the chipotle powder off of all of my silverware and other drawer paraphernalia.  I got out a pint glass for each knife, fork, teaspoon, and tablespoon variety to keep my silverware separated, and got it cleaned.  Then I thought to myself, “Self, this is ridiculous. You must photograph this and put it on the blog.  People love reading about the misfortune of others.”  So I scooted all of my pint glasses full of silverware closer to the chipotle-lined caddy, and of course knocked over the one with the knives in it, which broke, and then got glass shards all mixed into the mess of chipotle powder all over my counter.

that's chipotle powder all over my silverware caddy

Anyway, probably avoid doing THAT first thing in the morning.

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