Just a bunch of dog pictures

I totally am following through on this post-a-day thing… even on the weekend, when I hate opening up my laptop, because my laptop is like 7 years old and on the verge of death.  So instead of getting my shit together enough to remove the SD card from the camera, retrieve the card reader, hook it up to my camera, download the photos, then edit and upload them, then write up something cohesive… I chose to take some dog pictures from my phone and just post those instead.  Because really, dogs are just like kids.  Everyone gives a shit what silly thing your 4 year old did last week and what cute photos you have of it.  Same with my dogs.  I know you can’t get enough photos of my two naughty fur machines.

Helo and my shoes

Helo loves my shoes.  He rubs his face in them, lays down and sticks his whole nose in my slippers, and a few days ago I caught him licking my tennis shoes.

Boris loves this stuffed tennis ball that I got at Ikea last summer.  It’s over a year old and none of the stuffing has been torn out.  I’ve learned that the dogs only eviscerate toys that have squeakers, otherwise they play nicely with them and nurse on them.  It’s taken me roughly $150 worth of squeaky toys and Helo consuming the empty shells of several for me to realize this.  The upside is that Ikea has stuffed toys that don’t have beaded eyeballs and they’re super cheap.  We have had the same dog, magician-rabbit, soccer ball, broccoli, and strawberry for the last 18 months.

sleeping dog

I swept and steamed the floor today.  Having a freshly steamed floor is one of the best feelings in the world.  Yet I only steam the floor like every 2 weeks.  You think that I’d enjoy the peace of mind of having such a clean floor that I would do it more often.  But I am lazy as shit.  Like… SO lazy.  I will make bread from scratch, sew a blanket, and make my own crackers, but I can’t be bothered to sweep the huge piles of dog hair that accumulate in my house more than once a week, or finish painting the island in my kitchen that we installed 9 months ago.  Anyway, sweeping day means that the dog beds get piled on top of each other, and they’re extra fluffy that way.  Boris loves this.  He always looks ultra relaxed when he sleeps.  Totally jealous of this.

dogs and cat

This is how it goes.  Perry sleeps in the middle of one of the dog beds, and then one of the dogs is displaced because they’re too afraid of fucking with him. Perry is a vicious creature when he wants to be.

Tanner the lion

This is my coworker’s dog, Tanner.  He’s a boxer/ridgeback mix, and he got him this totally ridiculous lion mane costume from amazon.  It matches his fur PERFECTLY.  So funny.


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