The time I rear-ended someone with 15 gallons of beer in my passenger seat

This is not a story from years ago when something terrible/annoying/funny happened to me and I am looking back on it and laughing.  This happened 3 days ago.  On Craig’s birthday.

We were having dinner with Craig’s parents for his birthday on Friday.  Craig’s dad had ordered a keg of beer from a liquor store near where I work, so I skipped my lunch and went to pick up his keg after work before we headed up to his parents’ house.  I had the guys at the store put it in my front seat, knowing that it would be more secure if I could get a seatbelt around it.  Thinking of how silly it looked, I took a photo and sent it to my father-in-law.

keg in front seat

Then I hopped on the freeway and was excited to celebrate Craig’s birthday with him.  As I merged from one freeway to another, with traffic moving quickly and smoothly, I went to check my blind spot to merge.  When I looked back, 4 or so cars in front of me had come to a stop.  I slammed on my brakes, but there wasn’t much I could do.  I rear-ended the car in front of me.  All because of that person who needs to come to a complete stop in order to merge, despite there being no traffic had to do that thing that they do.  I obviously should have been paying more attention, but there was absolutely no reason why they should have needed to even slow down, let alone come to a complete stop.  So my car is smashed.  And because of how it is smashed, the radiator is damaged, meaning that the car is totally undriveable. Luckily, a close family friend manages a body shop near our house, so I gave her a call and she had a tow truck sent to come pick me (and my poor car, Ellen) up.

smashed car

While I waited for the tow truck, the police came.  When the trooper came up to my car and I rolled my window down, he glanced at the keg and asked “Is the beer OK?”  At least he had a sense of humor about it!  When our family friend called my father in law to say we’d be a little late to dinner due to my car accident… he asked if the beer was damaged, then how I was doing.  Priorities!

smashed car

The tow truck driver liked the keg in the passenger seat.  His statement was “At least you can have a few drinks when this is all over with!”  When we finally made it to the body shop, we had to have one of the techs lift the keg out and put it in my friends’ car.  Hopefully this will be a quick and relatively painless process.  I am OK, however I have a little neck pain and will be seeing my chiropractor tomorrow for a tune-up.  

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