What to get for the person who buys everything they want?

My husband is impossible to buy for.  Anything he wants, he just orders.  I guess that’s the benefit of being a DINK.  If he doesn’t order it right away, that means that either the price is too high, or he doesn’t really want it, which makes me buying it a bad idea.  I’m also not really the greatest person at picking out gifts for people, but I’m always trying to come up with things he mentions that he might want, but won’t think of buying for himself (thus meaning that he doesn’t REALLY want them, but still).

He likes drinking espresso out of those tiny cute little espresso cups, which I have a magnificent ability to drop, knock over, or otherwise destroy.  When we finally got down to one, I realized that part of his Christmas gift would be replenishing stock on those, with something I’d be able to get more of when I broke them (and I have), so I went to Crate & Barrel and got him some.  Not an exciting gift, but useful and functional.

11lb block of callebaut chocolate

This year for his birthday, I got him something for both of us.  There’s a European food importer about 30 minutes from our house, in South Seattle that carries Callebaut chocolate.  Callebaut is sold in 11lb blocks, which is quite a lot of chocolate, so Pacific Food Importers (PFI) breaks the blocks into pieces and sells chunks of it for about $8/lb last time I checked.  Every several months, I make the trip down to PFI, and stock up on bulk spices, high-end dried pastas, anchovies, olives, amazing cheeses, cocoa powder, mini tart shells, and of course, some hunks of Callebaut.  When I get home, I usually hide a few.  Craig likes eating chocolate, and has a taste for the good stuff.  Hiding is my method of keeping some around for when I want to use it for cooking. He’s worked out my tricks though, and secretly eats the chocolate in my stashes, which I generally assume are safe until I go to pull out some chocolate for ganache and find none.  It’s incredibly disappointing to say the least.

So I bought Craig a chocolate bar for his birthday.  An 11lb block of high-end Callebaut.  He never would buy it for himself, and is sure to enjoy it.  Maybe not the most exciting gift (once again), but it will get consumed.  And really, I mostly just needed an excuse to rationalize spending $70 on chocolate.

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