A week into my 30 day challenge – how am I feeling?

Honestly, not great.  Things are about to get real.  The polite filter is off, and I’m gonna start talking about some gastrointestinal issues, among other things.

Acid Reflux – I don’t generally suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, what-have-you.  Occasionally I’ll get a little heartburn, but it’s nothing a couple TUMS can’t handle.  Every day since I started this, for hours, I have been getting acid reflux.  It has been exceedingly uncomfortable.  All of my research says that “paleo” should be all-about reducing heartburn, but in this case, it has done nothing but increase it.  Since I’m not doing dairy, I’ve been taking TUMS (pretty sure these aren’t Whole30 approved).  They only help so much.  I still get it.  Some sources suggest increasing fat intake.  Believe me, as someone who did very low carb for months at at time, I know how to manage my fat intake.  That isn’t the problem.  The only other suggestions that I saw online suggested that I wasn’t producing enough stomach acid, and adding some apple cider vinegar to hot water and drinking that 3x daily should help.  But I think I would prefer heartburn to hot ACV water 3 times a day.  Blech.  This – negative.

Cramping – I have been eating a lot more fruit that I normally do.  I assume that the cramping is related to the increased fruit intake, however it was far worse after a meal that was primarily sweet potatoes, so who knows. Strangely enough, I did not experience this when I did standard paleo. This – negative.

Sleep – This I am unsure about.  About a week before I started doing this challenge, I decided to stop drinking my daily cup of coffee, and switched to tea.  It didn’t seem to affect my sleep, however when I stopped taking B-vitamins, it took 5 or so days before my sleep returned to normal.  I will say, for the last week or so, I have been falling asleep faster, and sleeping much more deeply than I have for the last few months. However, I did recently buy a new mattress after spending weeks reading lots of reviews such as the ones on sites like leesa vs casper mattress, so this could be the reason I am sleeping much better. I am also waking up groggier and having more trouble dragging myself out of bed (despite getting relatively more sleep than previous).  To test my tea vs coffee theory, I had a cup of coffee this morning for the first time in about 2 weeks.  We will see how it affects my sleep.  Another theory I’ve been tossing around is that I’ve totally cut out alcohol.  Most nights after work, I would have a drink, be it cider, beer, wine, bourbon, or a gin & tonic.  After the 30 days is over, I will do some experimentation to see if it’s alcohol that’s affecting my sleep (I know that I sleep really poorly if I’ve had too much) if the coffee switch doesn’t affect it.  This – if it ends up being diet-related – positive.

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