Grass fed hamburger lettuce wraps and “salad”

I love me some hamburgers.  And while I love having a crispy bun, it is certainly not the end-all, be-all necessity of the burger. The patty is.  So when I am trying to avoid unnecessary carbohydrates, grains, calories, or what-have-you, but still want the hamburger experience, I go for the hamburger lettuce wrap.

grass fed hamburger salad

We had a pretty warm day and I couldn’t bring myself to cook anything inside the house, so I fired up the Weber and cooked up some of these bad boys.  Each patty is a 1/4lb, and I cooked up 2lbs of beef, so got 8 patties.  Without any sides, I ate 2 per meal. They were delicious.

Grass fed hamburger lettuce wraps

As leftovers, I reheated a patty in a skillet while I fried up an egg.  The patty got topped with a little garlic aioli, the fried egg, some lettuce, quartered cherry tomatoes, and avocado slices.  I didn’t miss the bun one bit.  The fries, maybe a little.

grass fed hamburger salad

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