I would like to give you a short update on these ducks of mine.

I am not calling them ducklings, because they no longer are.  They are terrifying tiny dinosaur creatures.  The 2 larger ones are pretty much the size of a corgi.  Now here is where I am running into a problem.  I have 5 ducks.  2 large ones, 3 small ones (2 week age difference, in case you didn’t get the memo).  The 2 big ones are exactly the same size.  Of the 3 smaller ones, 1 of them is much larger than the other 2.  I have identified that one as a male (previously Katniss, now Confit) and have altogether stopped trying to get it to like me.  The less friendly that duck is, the easier it will be to slaughter it.  This seems like a logical way to approach the situation.

The brown barred one doesn’t trust me one bit.  Doesn’t stop her from eating my kale.

I have recently read that female muscovy ducks develop their flight feathers sooner than males, and also continue being a bit more talkative (peeping, twirring, etc) than males, who as they mature develop a raspy voice and stop making high pitched noises.  Both of the larger ducks have developed their flight feathers at approximately the same rate, so this leaves me believing that they are the same sex.  Here is the problem.  One of the bigger ducks, the black and white one (which will be Ina if it’s a girl, and L’Orange if it’s a boy) is awesome.  It’s fearless, bites at the dogs through the fence, lets me pick it up, and is overall super chill.  She happily sits on my lap and stays there, whether or not she’s getting snacks of kale from me.  I REALLY like that duck.  In fact, it would be safe to say, I’d rather slaughter the 4 others before just slaughtering her.  BUT.  If she’s a boy, there will be rape in her(his) future, and that’s not an acceptable behavior anywhere on our property, so it’ll be over. 🙁  The big brown one, I would be totally OK with removing from the flock.  She(he?) is TERRIFIED of me.  I’m not entirely sure why, but whenever I pick her up, she shakes.  It’s awful for her.  So we are working on trust, but so far, we aren’t there.

The one about to eat this kale is Ina.  She's my favorite

As far as the 2 remaining non-male little ones?  Their names are Alison and Martha, BTW.  They are still cute and ridiculous. They don’t seem to hate me, but also don’t love getting picked up.  We have a need for some quality time, but I believe we will be able to bond somewhat.  You know, unless they end up being males and turn into dinner.  The ones that were previously yellow have developed black and white barring patterns, so I don’t think we will have any primarily white ducks.  I was hoping to end up with at least one, but that’s OK.  I am excited to see them all feathering out and turning into adults.  This only more firmly cements my desire to own only adult dogs and not deal with any of the drama of baby animals versus adult animals.

ducks sitting on my lap

And a video, of Ina loving some clean water in the pond.

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