I found out what was digging all those &*$#@ holes in my duck pen!

A few weeks ago, I shared a couple photos of the tunnels that had been appearing in my duck pen.

A few days ago, I drained the stinky duck pond, and when I went to refill it, I decided to flood the tunnel.  But you know what?  That tunnel tool so much water!  I couldn’t get it full the the top.  There’s some volume in that bad boy.  Getting discouraged, I decided to at least make it an unattractive place to tunnel by locating some stinky dog poop and burying it several inches down from the entrance to the tunnel.  So I grabbed a shovel and went on the hunt.  Several seconds later, a large rodent sprinted from the corner of the yard near the duck pen towards our deck.  Boris, of mouse-hunting fame caught that M F-er before it made it under the deck.  A few pointed bites and it stopped moving.  A firm “LEAVE IT.” and he backed off to let me snap the neck with my shovel and pick it up for disposal.  I was so proud of him.  Once I got it out of the yard, I set it down for further inspection.  It appears to be a mother rat, as it had swollen udders (I assume I drowned the offspring in my tunnel flooding).  And that sucker was big.  Think of all the free duck food it’s been eating! I was so proud of Boris that I took a photo and texted it to Craig.  His response?  “WTF”

Anyway, Boris got extra treats and an invitation onto the bed that night.  You know, after I cleaned the blood off his lip.

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