A very thoughtful birthday gift

Jadeite cake plate with matching kitchenaid mixer

I am pretty obsessed with trying to find things to match the odd color of my stand mixer. Jadite glass is one of those things that is just about right.  I had mentioned to Craig a few weeks ago about wanting a big Jadite cake plate, so he did some research, and ordered me one for my birthday.  It came early, and since we aren’t really the kind of people who “need” to wait for things, he got it out for me to open yesterday.  And I couldn’t be more pleased.  It’s so pretty!  I don’t even have a cake or dessert for it yet, but I have put some of the random produce that has been collecting on the counter on it, and now all the produce looks so fancy!  Can’t get enough of Jadite.

 Jadeite Glass Cake Plate next to Matching Kitchenaid mixer

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