Craig got me sick, so the pets came to the rescue

Craig had this cold/cough combination that was pretty rough on him for a while.  Just as he began recovering, it knocked me on my ass.  Fever, chills, exhaustion, phlegm, coughing, decreased appetite (this part was a net positive), aches, etc put me down.  I made a nest on the sofa and only got up to make more tea or get more tissues/cough syrup/sudafed.  Boris and Perry took advantage of my incapacitated nature and enjoyed my nest as well.  They did an excellent job of keeping me cozy and preventing me from getting up and doing too much.  I burned through a season of Top Chef and got a healthy start on The Amazing Race as well. I also passed the time by taking photos, and I would be derelict in my blogger duties if I didn’t at least share the photos.

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