Coffee CSA

Craig and I are coffee snobs.  Over time, we have slowly stepped up our game in terms of what coffee we determine is “acceptable.”

Coffee CSA

One of our favorite coffees is actually roasted in Seattle.  It’s called Back Pedal Brew, by Middlefork Roasters.  It tastes creamy and chocolaty.  It’s quite nice.  But it’s about $16/lb, not organic, and kind of a pain to get.  Our options are Seattle Coffee Gear, which has 2 locations nearby, but neither are convenient, or Whole Foods, which is equally inconvenient to get to (and also a total zoo).  Whole Foods also offers some pretty great coffees in their house brand which can be purchased in bulk.  That is our general go-to for everyday coffee.  I get their organic breakfast blend for $10/lb and it’s pretty tasty.  But it’s still a total pain to get at Whole Foods.  So sometimes when we run out of “the good stuff,” we will slum it, and pick up a bag of Starbucks coffee.  And every time, it’s awful.  During one of those times, I just wasn’t willing to make time to take a special trip to Whole Foods to get more coffee, and we finally broke down and decided to try out a coffee subscription service again.  We had tried Tonx in the past and weren’t fans of how overpoweringly sour their roasts tasted, so we dropped it.

I signed up with last week and scheduled our first delivery of 2 pounds of coffee.  2lbs monthly costs $30 shipped.  It is roasted just a couple days before it is shipped.  Since they deal directly with the farmers, the people who grow the coffee make a lot more money.  The subscription that we selected allows us to get a “featured farmer of the month” coffee, so we get different coffees each month.   We got our first delivery yesterday. It’s tasty, and good, and Craig really enjoyed it, which is saying a lot.  Also, I like that the farmers are getting paid more, and I like that the coffee’s organic.  But most of all, I like that I don’t have to schlep my ass to Whole Foods twice a month to get ethically produced coffee.  So CoffeeCSA – if you’re reading this… want to be the first sponsor on my site?  I like what you’re doing and I want more people to get involved in paying the people producing our food a fair wage.

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