Whiskey Old-Fashioned

Classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail

I know I’ve been posting a lot about cocktails lately.  This is mostly because :

  • After a night with too much wine, most of my drinking as of late has been in the form of cocktails
  • I’ve been getting more interested in making fancy boozy delights
  • We’ve been eating like college students because I just can’t get my head in the game as far as cooking real food, and for some reason sharing the sad quesadilla I assembled isn’t high on my list of priorities.

Classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail

So we arrive at the Old-Fashioned cocktail.  This is technically more a method than an actual cocktail, but I’ll share the recipe anyway.


1 sugar cube (or 1 tsp sugar)

2-3 dashes angostura bitters

2 slices orange

3 oz bourbon

1 maraschino cherry

soda water (optional)



*Place sugar cube at the bottom of your glass (or measure your sugar into your glass) and wet with bitters.  Top with 1 orange slice

*Muddle sugar-bitters-orange mixture until the sugar is broken up and the orange has released some of its juice

*Fill glass with ice

*Pour in bourbon, stir well, garnish with second orange slice, cherry, and top with soda water, if desired.


Classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail

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