Bourbon Soaked Cherries

bourbon cherries

These are delicious!  After a making a bunch of pies for a friend’s wedding, I learned that I overbought most of the ingredients.  One of the leftovers was a bag of dark tart cherries. Neither Craig nor I are great lovers of cherry pie, cobbler, crisp, etc. Coming up with a use for these wasn’t as easy as tossing them with some sugar, tapioca, almond extract, and topping them with a doughy crust.  One thing that Craig and I do love is cocktails!  And what better to do with these cherries than turn them into a cocktail garnish!?  Luxardo cherries are the “classic” of fancy cocktail garnish cherries. But they’re crazy expensive, so I decided to make my own.  There is a visual difference between ours.  Theirs are super high in sugar and are dyed, so the color is darker.  I assume if you were into adding artificial color to your cherries, you could make them look similar to the Luxardo ones.    Anyway, this was all experimental, but after 2 weeks of “marinating,” we tasted them.  And they’re delicious.  Boozy, but delicious.

bourbon cherries

Bourbon Cherries  (makes about 3 cups)


1/3 cup sugar

3 cups frozen, pitted tart cherries (mine came from Costco)

Bourbon, enough to fill the remainder of the jar



  • In a clean glass jar, place your sugar
  • Pour cherries into jar to fill
  • Add enough bourbon to cover cherries
  • Shake to remove air pockets in sugar
  • Set in a dark out of the way place for 2+ weeks. During this time, the sugar will dissolve, the bourbon will turn red, and the cherries will turn a little greyish (this is normal, add red food coloring if it freaks you out)
  • Use cherries as a garnish to cocktails like manhattans, or if you like boozy toppings, stir into ice cream!

bourbon cherries

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