I spent 20 minutes brushing Helo last night

20 minutes of brushing a malamute

This is what came off of him.  When we(I) decided to add a second dog to our family, I was under the impression that a fluffier malamute would have similar shedding patterns to Boris.  I was entirely incorrect.  Since mid-February, we have been experience what I have begun referring to as The Furpocalypse, wherein Helo loses every last bit of his undercoat, looks extra creepy and scraggly, and blankets our house, sofa, tables, clothing, and food with his fur.  Nothing is exempt from this.  Entire outfits are stored in dog free rooms and still somehow get a thin coating of fur on them.  There is no single-sheet lint rolling job.  We’re talking minimum of 3, usually closer to 7.

Helo hates getting brushed, so I pick my battles.  I wait until there’s enough truly loose fur to make an appreciable difference in the amount of fur that’s coming off of him on an hourly basis.  This was that time.  I’ll go back in maybe 3-4 days from now and see if I can expand upon the dent that I made last night, but this was all he’d put up with.   And before you suggest the furminator, we have one, and it works great on Boris.  It gets hung up in Helo’s fine guard hairs and breaks/rips them out and clogs immediately.  I have a ridiculous fur rake that is the hotness in malamute fur removal.



Bonus footage, here’s a video that I took of myself pulling loose tufts of fur out of Helo’s shoulder.  He hates it when I take them and tries to eat my  hand.  I assure you that it is not malicious or painful, it’s more of his way of grabbing me and trying to get me to “quit it.”

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