Key Lime Pie Cocktail

Key lime pie cocktail

These are delicious! Dangerously so.  Despite my somewhat proud food snobbery, I have a soft spot in my heart for unapologetically fake-vanilla  flavored snacks/beverages.  They are just so…nummy.  So when I happened upon a recipe for a cocktail claiming to be key lime pie flavored, I was intrigued.  Turns out their recipe’s ingredients sounded gross, but all I needed was the idea, and I went from there.  I spent a week mulling over the idea of this cocktail before I actually made a point of mixing it.  That day came after a particularly brutal week of work where my coworker was gone and I struggled to keep my head above water on both of our jobs.  I knew that I wanted to come home and have something to drink that would make me feel a little guilty.  So I got to work.


Ingredients are fairly simple.  Especially if you’re recently made 4 key lime pies and have a cup or two of extra crust material kicking around the pantry.  Full disclosure, my graham cracker crumbs were mixed with butter and as such, a little clumpy.  They’d have looked appreciably more attractive if they had been butter free.  It wasn’t going to happen though, so.. whatever.  I used whipped cream vodka for this, because I had it in the pantry.  Other totally acceptable options include vanilla, cake, and potentially marshmallow, but I’ve never had that flavor, so proceed with caution. Juice from real limes is a must-do for this cocktail.  Don’t use bottled juice, it will taste extra fake, and in a bad way this time. Also, key limes are not necessary.  Persian limes are totally fine. I used heavy cream in this recipe.  If you don’t have heavy cream around, but you do have half & half, I’m sure that would be fine too, but you may want to double the quantity.  The cocktail isn’t particularly sweet, in fact, I wasn’t counting on adding any simple syrup, but then after a taste of it without, realized that at least some was necessary.  If you don’t love that twinge in your jaw that you get from eating sour things, add some extra SS.  The glass isn’t important.  I tend to avoid martini glasses because I am clumsy and they spill easily, but they look cute.  A coupe or just a juice or old-fashioned glass would be fine here.

Key lime pie cocktail ingredients



crushed graham cracker crumbs

3oz vanilla vodka

2oz fresh squeezed lime juice

.5oz heavy cream

.5oz simple syrup

3-4 ice cubes



  • Use one of your discarded lime wedge hulls to circle the rim of the glass, dip into graham cracker crumbs
  • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, put lid on, and shake.
  • Add ice to shaker, and shake until it gets chilly, maybe 30 seconds
  • Strain into your crumb-rimmed glass
  • If you want to be fancy, garnish with a slice of lime or a bit of lime zest.


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