Rhubarb Infused Gin

Rhubarb Gin

A few weeks ago, while I was trying to clear out extraneous leftover pie fillings from my freezer, I came across a bag of frozen rhubarb.  And in my love of infusing liquors (especially gin – I find that with the right botanicals, gin can really sing), I decided that infusion was going to be the fate of the frozen rhubarb (all of the fresh stuff is nearly ready to harvest in my garden) and the remains of the 1.75 liter bottle of beefeater that’s been in the pantry waiting for summer cocktail season.

rhubarb ginIngredients:

1 bag frozen rhubarb

~2 cups beefeater gin




  • In a quart sized glass jar, place as much frozen rhubarb that will fit.  I think my jar took the entire 1lb(?) bag
  • Pour enough gin to cover the rhubarb (this was about 2 cups for me) into the jar, seal, shake, and set aside for a few weeks.  Shake every few days
  • After a few weeks, the rhubarb will have turned a creepy grey color, and the gin will have turned a glorious shade of hot pink.  Line a colander with coffee filters or a few layers of cheese cloth, and put it over a bowl or measuring cup capable of holding all of the gin.
  • Dump the rhubarb and gin through the coffee filter.  In my experience, the rhubarb gin drains pretty quickly – there aren’t a lot of tiny particles floating around to clog up the works.
  • Store in a glass bottle or jar until you’re ready to use.
  • Use it to make something delicious and pink, like this rhubarb gin fizz!

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