modified hugekultur for raised beds

Low-water vegetable gardening

I have gone a month and a half with less than a quarter of an inch of precipitation and daily highs in the 60s to 80s.  I haven’t watered since early May. That’s 6 weeks…

DIY Chicken Cup Waterer

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Chicken Feeder

Total cost: $3 If you don’t have a hole saw or 5 gallon bucket, add that cost to the build.  Among much of my obsessive research about how to effectively manage a flock with as…

DIY Chicken Cup Waterer

DIY Chicken Cup Waterer

I have been working on converting the old duck pen (yeah, I gave the remaining 3 ducks away – we were not a good match) to be a better match for chickens.  It has taken a…

DIY Shelf Upgrade

Simple and Cheap DIY Shelf Update

When my in-laws moved, they had some really nice shelving units in their garage.  The garage of their new house had a bunch of even nicer built-ins, so Craig and I inherited the shelves.  Due…

There was this one time that I made 16 pies.

Our friends Jeremy and Kial got married on March 14.  In case you don’t understand the significance, the date (at least in the US) is 3.14.15, or the first few digits of the number Pi….