There was this one time that I made 16 pies.

Our friends Jeremy and Kial got married on March 14.  In case you don’t understand the significance, the date (at least in the US) is 3.14.15, or the first few digits of the number Pi.  Which also makes it Pie Day!  When they got engaged, I begged them to let me make their wedding cake, and when they told me they wanted pies, I was over the moon excited.  And then I started thinking of the logistics of making enough pies for an entire wedding.  And I got a little concerned, but then I got to planning, which I am great at.  We selected 4 different pie flavors: Strawberry rhubarb, cherry, key lime, and candy bar.  And I got to it.  We needed at least 9 pies for the 80 people addending the wedding.  In my experience, if there are different flavors available, people are more likely to go back for seconds to try another flavor.  I decided to err on the side of caution, and bring a dozen pies(3 of each type).  But I didn’t want to count on not having any terrible mistakes happen, so I made 4 of each type of pie so that if something went horribly wrong, I’d have alternates.  First off, I needed 16 pie plates!  So I appealed to my local Buy Nothing group, and was able to get 5 plates donated.  The remainder were picked up for $3 each at Ross and Goodwill.



The candy bar pie is the most time consuming.  It’s multiple different stages to get the end result, but it also stays good in the fridge for weeks and freezes beautifully.  I started on it a week in advance, making the crusts and salted caramel, and a few days later, making the peanut butter nougat, then finishing the pies off the day before the wedding and freezing them.   I took the day before the wedding off from work so that I could spend the whole day baking.  I had 8 fruit pies to bake, each taking an hour in the oven, and needing to be in there on their own to ensure that the bottom crust crisped effectively.  That was 8 hours in the oven.  I also had to do the key lime pies.  After probably 14 hours, I had completed everything. I got to the venue a little early to delivery the pies, and everything was going smoothly.  Unfortunately, it got so hot inside that the key lime started melting, but everything still tasted great, and as far as I know, nobody got food poisoning!
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