The chickens are eating out of my hand!!!!

black langshan chicken

Baby steps here.  These chickens need to learn that I am a friendly caring benefactor, and not a scary creepygrabber.  And pretty much the only way into the heart of a chicken is through their stomach.  I’ve started going out to check on them every morning and evening, and giving them treats of some sort, usually a handful of cracked corn.  Over the course of the last several days, they have realized that when I come out to see them, they will be getting treats, and they respond accordingly.  They now walk up to the door of the enclosure and talk at me in quiet little honks.  I have slowly been broadcasting the corn for them closer and closer to myself, and finally yesterday they started eating out of my hand.  I’m aware that I am reaching facebook parent level obsession, but I’m not forcing you to watch the video.  But you know, you can if you want to!

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