The mystery of the great white egg

We got the 3 new chickens 5 days ago.  As far as I am aware, all of our chickens should be laying brown eggs with the exception of the easter egger, Cruella, who lays green-grey putty colored eggs.  We have confirmed grey-green eggs from Cruella.  We have confirmed (although incredibly inconsistent, soft or no-shelled) light brown eggs from Red, the sexlink (she is laying those suckers in the middle of the night while she’s roosting, the jerk).

The three new birds are unconfirmed, but as noted, should be laying dark brown, light brown with speckles, and medium brown with a pinkish tint.   Imagine my surprise when I checked the nest box 3 days ago and found a white egg!  At first I thought that Craig must be messing with me.  I had just purchased a dozen white eggs from the grocery store and we hadn’t eaten any, so I looked in the fridge to make sure they were all still there (they were).  I posted about it on the chicken forum, and got a slew of unhelpful responses.  Someone told me that it’s the red sexlink because she has white earlobes, but I find it highly unlikely that she has been laying soft shelled or shell-less brown eggs from the roost, then less than 12 hours after laying her most recent softy, magically decides that mid-day in the nesting box with a thick-shelled white one is an appropriate time. Others told me that it might be the speckled sussex, who is still far too young to be expecting eggs from, and her comb hasn’t even reddened up yet.  That leaves the black copper marans and the langshan.  I have no reason to believe that the black copper marans is anything other than that, and definitely have reason to believe that the langshan is mixed (the white streaks are a dead giveaway, and her comb isn’t the right shape for the breed). Then people from the chicken forum once again believe this one to be a rooster due to the feathers on her(his?) back, but considering that the bird is my #1 contender for white egg layer, I’m hoping to have the white-egg-mixed-breed-langshan-theory be the case.

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