Food scraps as chicken toys

Anyone who keeps their chickens in a secure enclosure most of the time can attest to them getting bored.  I like to give our girls food scraps (when they’re safe for them to eat of course) and this is a really fun way to make them work for the snacks you provide.  In this situation, I had the stem ends of a few bunches of parsley and cilantro, plus some corn cobs leftover from dinner and a couple chunks of sourdough starter that I cooked up instead of throwing away.

In order to run a length of kitchen twine through the corn cobs, I got out my cordless drill and a drill bit and just punched a small hole through the center of the corn cobs before using a chopstick to push the string through.

After I got everything strung up, I just tied a knot in the twine and hung it over a hook in the chicken enclosure and let the ladies go for it. It looks totally gross but the girls really seem to like the challenge of getting the food off the string.

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